New Music Video from MisterWives: Oh Love


When Donald Trump was elected one year ago, MisterWives, like so many others, responded with rage. The New York pop group, who recently released their sophomore album Connect The Dots, channeled this fury into a riotous new song, “Oh Love,” which sees them reflecting on Trump’s nightmarish victory through existential, admittedly pessimistic lyrics.

“The day after the election, we woke with swollen eyes filled with deep despair and heavy hearts,” lead singer Mandy Lee says. “The moment of feeling hopeless was met and outmatched with a burning need to step further into our work and not be silenced by fear. We must always rise up in the face of appalling hatred, oppression and bigotry with an outpour of compassion, equality, and love… even when love feels lost.”

Gerardo Cueva